Folk singer songwriter who infuses his poetry with music.

Hirman started off with English folk songs, performing at local gigs and poetry events since 2006. Recorded a few demos in English independently but didn't find much satisfaction in it. In 2007 he decided to go back to his roots and started writing in his native language, Malay and found his true self when singing and performing those songs. Having found the spark, he was signed by Hazelbayu Productions and started working on his first album. In 2010 he released his first Malay folk album, titled, Kau Cinta.

Executive Producer : Hazelbayu Productions
Producer : T:zi
Recording Studio : Hazelbayu Productions
Mixing & Mastering : Hazelbayu Productions
Distributor :
Marketing : Ahmadblair
Photo & Album Art : Din
Email :
Website :

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